May 15, 2019

Hutto, Texas: Donald Spradling, Engineer, APEC Engineering & Laboratory, LLC has successfully passed the professional engineering exam and has now met all the requirements to become a Licensed Profession Engineer in the state of Texas.

“We are so proud of Don and his many accomplishments, as a disabled veteran, Don had to learn to walk and move again and only after bravely serving our country was he able to graduate with both BS and MS engineering degrees from KU to become the outstanding engineer he is today,” says Dr. Matt Phelps, PE and CEO at APEC Engineering & Laboratory, LLC.

Attaining Professional Engineer (PE) licensing is an impressive accomplishment; demonstrating that an engineer is dedicated, skilled, and at truly the top of his profession. Only a PE may prepare, sign, se...

February 7, 2017


We are so excited to present you with our new Wind Damage Investigation training program!  Now, in addition to our wildly successful Hail Investigation education program we are pleased to add our new Wind Damage Investigation class.  AND, with rolling out this new education program we are offering special prices.  Come see us at the Win The Storm conference in Miami on February 16, 17, and 18.  Check out Win The Storm at  This is an awesome event with fun, learning, motivation, new products, great networking and bargains galore!

Come to our booth #34, #74, and equipment display at will call/breakout room and get your discount code and enjoy two for one pricing.  Pay for one class and get both, or get two of the same for just one price!...

February 2, 2017

                                                I Guess we Better Hire an Expert

There are tons of information on the internet, conferences and social media about the use of experts to unravel the mysteries of forensic investigations of storm damaged buildings.  What many people question is how to pick an expert. To answer this question let us first define what is an expert.  According to on-line encyclopedia, Wikipedia, “an expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of technique or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly,...

May 25, 2016

I chased storms near hard hit Shamrock today, no hail, just too late on the scene. Last night on the way from Clarendon to Lubbock, somewhere around Silverton I ran over two small wild hogs, about 20-30 lb. size.  Lost one hub cover and had to drive with pig guts flopping on the drive line (flop, flop, flop) for about 10 minutes.  Had to slow to about 40 mph, but the pig guts eventually wore out.  Not sure of any other damage.  I will get the front end alignment checked while in Lubbock this week.  No luck catching hail yesterday, too far to drive and not enough time to respond.


Equipment update

The new hitch and couple work great, no more sway and the trailer pulls nicely, even at 70+mph.  Not that I drive 70+, but going down hills we have hit 70 mph severa...

May 12, 2016

Chase team Give'em Hail, today we replaced out modified sine wave 2000 watt inverter with a pure sine wave of the same wattage. Electrical difficulties solved!


Our data collection equipment, backup batteries and other sensitive electronic equipment would go nuts with the modified sine wave inverter. With the pure sine wave, it has been smooth sailing! We are also updating some wiring harness, and building improved storage shelves in the trailer and van.


Life is getting better, all we need now is the storms - during daylight hours



May 10, 2016

Lynn Bell and I headed towards Brownwood and arrived on station around 5:00 PM. Not a cloud in the sky. The SPC had steered us wrong? We hung out in Brownwood until about dark and with our tails between our legs headed home. Watching the clouds on the way home storms built near Abilene just as the SPC had suggested.


We watched in amazement as just the hail we needed to collect was falling not 30 miles from our previous position, after dark. I reminded myself that it is too dangerous to chase after dark. We monitored the trailer temps all day, 97+oF outside, the inside temp of the hail investigation trailer never got over 29 oF. Our hailstone testing temperature is 29 to 30 oF.


We pulled the trailer at speeds up to 65 mph and the temperature loss never exceed the freezer units capac...

May 10, 2016

Give'em Hail left Forney around noon and headed toward Sherman, TX. I check GRL3 and opted for Weatherford. Traffic across DFW was murderously slow. We arrived on station after the first major cell had passed and we waited for another.


A second wave of storms passed over us, but with only insignificant hail. Not being one to give up so easily,


we gave chase to the storm but never caught up to it and watched in dissipate on GRL3. It was near dark, and we have already learned that lesson. The new weather stripping job around the back doors to the trailer prevented temperature loss.


Thank you to Lynn Bell for a job well done, and tip o' the hat to chase team members John Ewell, and Alan Odom for sticking with us! Lynn and I headed home and pulled in to the lab around 2:00 AM. Late nig...

May 9, 2016

Chase team "Give'em Hail" headed out from Forney and headed towards Texarkana. We tracked pulse storms to Plain Dealing, LA only to watch the small storm dissipate before our very eyes. No hail, lots of rain. No Luck. Lesson learned, pulse storms are too short lived to be chased successful, especial pulling a trailer full of calibrated equipment behind our van!


We next turned towards De Queen, AR and cut through OK to Hugo. It was dark by now, not a good idea for a bunch of rank amature storm chasers. Just South and East of Hugo our tornado alarms were going off and I could see a clear "hook echo" in the supercell thunderstorm just West of Hugo. It was so dark the tornado could have been right outside our window and we could not have seen it.


I made the call, we bugged out to avoid...

April 30, 2016


I have decided to post a log of my hail chasing activities. Yesterday marked the first hail chase event for team "Give'em Hail" and it was a fun learning experience, though we did not encounter any appreciable hail. Our team, Gary Treider, John Ewell, Greg Winterton and myself assembled in Midlothian and enjoyed about two of training on how to set out our hail pads, how to collect hail samples and what to pick up and what to avoid. We learned about the safety plan and how we would chase storms but not get ourselves into trouble. We learned about the different functions of our equipment and how to do the various duties for being an effective team. It was fun, we stopped for lunch in Dallas and watched the cloud formations near Canton. After lunch off to Canton we did go. In route w...

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February 7, 2017

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