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About APEC Engineering & Laboratory, LLC

The practice of engineering is governed by individual states, whose requirements and practices vary. Matt B.  Phelps, APEC Engineering & Laboratory chief engineer, holds licenses in the states listed.        

APEC Engineering & Laboratory, LLC was originally founded in 1998 by Matt and Carol Phelps in the Austin, Texas area. Following the Hurricane Ike in 2008, Phelps recognized a need for their services by insured and insurers alike in Galveston and the surrounding areas. At this time, operations were relocated and APEC Engineering & Laboratory, LLC was able to assist many residents whose homes were damaged by the storm.


APEC's highly qualified and professional staff is able to handle all engineering needs. We are currently studying the effects of damage relative to a hail event. There are many contributing factors and APEC plans to conduct quality research regarding these destructive weather events. The test laboratory will house findings and provide the public-at-large with data relative to hail and the subsequent damages it causes. 


Our forensic investigations can determine the percent of damage caused by wind and water. Our rigorous methods, based upon ASCE-7 and FEMA-55 engineering methods, are true and accurate representations of damage caused by a destructive event, such as a hurricane. We provide expert witness for parties that are involved in a dispute relative to causation of damages from an event of destructive force.





Matt received his Master's Degree in Engineering and Ph.D. in Systems Engineering & Management from Texas Tech University. He has over 15 years of experience with high wind design and has worked extensively in testing and evaluation on a variety of building materials and assemblies. Matt speaks often at industry conferences, and his speaking engagements and topics of discussion can be made available upon request.


Matt also specializes in decentralized water and wastewater systems utilized by land developers in areas that do not have access to municipal systems. He has expanded his area of expertise to include forensic investigations, in which he has developed robust investigation methods based upon engineering principles and mathematics.








Matt B. Phelps, Ph. D., P.E.

CEO & Chief Engineer

Matt's full Curriculum Vitae and Trial Transcipt can be made available upon request. Use the convenient form below to contact Matt directly. 








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*Structural Design services not offered in Illinois.

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