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Storm Chase 5.09.2016: Lessons learned.

Chase team "Give'em Hail" headed out from Forney and headed towards Texarkana. We tracked pulse storms to Plain Dealing, LA only to watch the small storm dissipate before our very eyes. No hail, lots of rain. No Luck. Lesson learned, pulse storms are too short lived to be chased successful, especial pulling a trailer full of calibrated equipment behind our van!

We next turned towards De Queen, AR and cut through OK to Hugo. It was dark by now, not a good idea for a bunch of rank amature storm chasers. Just South and East of Hugo our tornado alarms were going off and I could see a clear "hook echo" in the supercell thunderstorm just West of Hugo. It was so dark the tornado could have been right outside our window and we could not have seen it.

I made the call, we bugged out to avoid the tornado. Thank you Father! Next lesson learned, no storm chasing at night! We went back to Forney, arriving around 2:00 AM.

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