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Storm Chase 5.10.2016: Progress!

Lynn Bell and I headed towards Brownwood and arrived on station around 5:00 PM. Not a cloud in the sky. The SPC had steered us wrong? We hung out in Brownwood until about dark and with our tails between our legs headed home. Watching the clouds on the way home storms built near Abilene just as the SPC had suggested.

We watched in amazement as just the hail we needed to collect was falling not 30 miles from our previous position, after dark. I reminded myself that it is too dangerous to chase after dark. We monitored the trailer temps all day, 97+oF outside, the inside temp of the hail investigation trailer never got over 29 oF. Our hailstone testing temperature is 29 to 30 oF.

We pulled the trailer at speeds up to 65 mph and the temperature loss never exceed the freezer units capacity to keep the temperature below the required test temperature. Thanks again to Lynn Bell for redoing the seal around the back doors of the trailer and keeping the cold air in and the hot air out!

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